Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding Edward J Gerety

The Mystery: Who is Edward J Gerety 

I am a rather uninteresting and remote person emotionally they say but I have many people who are fascinated with my name.  I get hundreds of emails each week some threatening others just plain silly then there are those that think I am a great person doing great work. 

The issue is that I do not do great I advise on Near East Asian Affairs for companies.  It seems that I share a name with either the greatest mastermind since Lex Luther or Superman's other secret identity.  I write this because I have seen it both ways people writing that Edward Gerety is a great guy who only attempts to help and others who write that he is the villain of villains.  

His own sister has written terrible things about him and wants jail time for him.  I have started reaching out to all these different people because I think that there is a story to be told here.

That story will be my story of trying to track down the every fluxing Edward J Gerety III.  

This is the beginning ...